kabarca - June 24, 2015

As part of the Anexus team, We very excited to be take part on different camps across the US and Canada. First we got invited to Drupal Camp Colorado in Denver, a Camp with around 200 attendees and 40 sessions in total. Great opportunity to get the word out about the Drupal Console, one of the projects our company is actively sponsoring.

Andres Avila - May 20, 2015

So here we are, we've had a few days to recover from the intense experience that a DrupalCon always is, and while our energy levels might not be at 100% just yet (we'll probably need a full week for that!), let's grab a cup of coffee and review some of the things we learned at DrupalCon Los Angeles 2015.

kabarca - March 29, 2015

En Anexus siempre tenemos las puertas abiertas para todas aquellas personas interesadas en el tema Drupal. Por esta razón es que deseamos invitarlos a la Drupaleada de Abril donde tendremos muy buenas charlas relacionadas a tecnologías web.

kabarca - February 25, 2015

When I first heard from the Drupal Association about the possibility of having a DrupalCon in Latin America I was kind of skeptical and hesitant. I had so many questions like: What about where it will be hosted? How many people will actually go? Will it be just a Drupal Camp with a new label or worse, is this going to be a complete disaster and flop like Brazil?

kabarca - January 20, 2015

Over the past weekend we, at Anexus, hosted one of the Sprint Weekends that were held in 40 cities around the world, as part of a Global initiative from the Drupal Association. It was fun to see how the Twitter hashtag #sprintweekend showed pictures of the activity from all over the world.

kabarca - January 22, 2014

Con este entrenamiento práctico se trata de difundir el uso de este CMS y proveer una capacitación que ayude a evitar un poco la curva de aprendizaje que se requiere para familiarizarse con la herramienta.

kabarca - January 14, 2014

We are very excited to announce a new partnership between Anexus IT and Central de Radios to help them get the most out of information technology. As industry leaders, CDR is constantly pushing the envelop in terms of innovation; Anexus IT will bring high-quality know-how to the table to make things possible.

Andres Avila - October 10, 2013

Only a couple of weeks after the successful third edition of DrupalCamp Costa Rica, our developer Daniela Zeledón and I had the opportunity to attend our first DrupalCon in Prague. We'd like to take this chance to give a brief overview of our experience in the capital of the Czech Republic.

kabarca - September 24, 2013

It has been a little over a week now and DrupalCamp Costa Rica 2013 continues to linger on in the community's memory like the sweet aftertaste of success. If anything, this third edition of DrupalCamp Costa Rica promises to give next year's attendees one amazing experience. For those of you who missed out this time, here's a little insight as to what DrupalCampCR2013 was all about.

kabarca - August 27, 2013

There are times where Drupal's default weight sorting mechanism is not enough to organize terms inside a vocabulary.

This module provides the infrastructure to allow other modules to set an arbitrary order of a given term specific to the user.

A good use case would be allowing users to re-sort data presented to them based on their interests. For example, if a site lists books, and you like reading romance rather than sci-fi, then you can re-order the terms without affecting the other users.

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