5 Things We Learned at DrupalCon Los Angeles

Wed, 05/20/2015 - 18:54 | 82 Views

So here we are, we've had a few days to recover from the intense experience that a DrupalCon always is, and while our energy levels might not be at 100% just yet (we'll probably need a full week for that!), let's grab a cup of coffee and review some of the things we learned at DrupalCon Los Angeles 2015.

1. Drupal 8 is almost out... For real this time!

The vague statement "it's ready when it's ready" is usually the response that Dries Buytaert gives to the never-ending question of when will Drupal 8 come out. However, the new “unofficial” goal announced on this year’s Driesnote is to have Drupal 8 ready for release by the start of DrupalCon Barcelona, which takes place September 21-25. Will this really be it? The total of critical issues blocking the launch of Drupal 8 is down to 22, so we might be looking at a feasible goal this time. Only time will tell. 

DrupalCamp North America
“Seriously guys, we’re almost there!”

2. Latin American talent gets stronger and louder

After meeting the high expectations for the first Latin American DrupalCon ever earlier this year, the Latin “drupaleros” felt it was about time to take it to the next level and rock the American crowd. Anexus IT was proud to contribute a session lead by our CTO Eduardo García (Enzo) and Jesús Olivas who shared the latest on the Drupal Console project, a suite of tools on the command line that eases the interaction with a Drupal 8 installation. And if that wasn’t enough, our Costa Rican friends at Manatí also pulled off an awesome session on the use of headless Drupal to create a contraband reporting app. Make sure to check them out!

DrupalCon NA
Setting up the stage for the Drupal Console session.

3. It’s not all about coding

While non-technical people might believe that DrupalCon is not the place for them, the Drupal ecosystem is far more diverse than a niche of hardcore developers. Business people, UX specialists, content strategists, QA analysts, project managers… You name it. There’s a place for everyone in Drupal, although unfortunately this is hardly acknowledged and seldom advertised, causing a shortage of talent in these key areas. It seems that the top companies in the game are finally starting to recognize this, which is great new for people with different skills and backgrounds that might be suited for a career in Drupal.

4. Sometimes you just have to say "No"

Palantir’s Larry Garfield, better known in the community as Crell, broke the record for shortest session name with his lecture simply entitled “No”. Although most people find it uncomfortable to use this word in a social context, Crell makes a strong case on how sometimes saying “No” in web projects is the only way to maintain focus and achieve success at a set goal. A real eye-opener and a subject that everyone in the web industry can relate to. 

5. DrupalCon to explore new boundaries 

Following its success at Bogotá, the Drupal Association has decided to keep bringing DrupalCon to new locations around the world, where local communities are thriving and expanding. 2016 will be the turn of Asia, with DrupalCon taking place for the first time in Mumbai, India. Will team Anexus join the most exotic DrupalCon to date? Stay tuned and find out!