Spend your days working in awesome projects!

How cool is that? At Anexus we are always in the quest for the best talent in Latin America. If you happen to be great in what you do and fit any of the following profiles, we want to hear from you.

A big portion of our efforts go into investing time and money co-organizing events throughout Latin America, ultimately getting people involved, trained and contributing to Web Development.

Careers Reasons

Submitted by Joseph on Fri, 02/05/2016 - 13:20
5 Reasons to join our team
We asked our people to give us five things that they really like about working at Anexus. Here's what they said.
Reason #1

Flexibility to have a real work-life balance. Need a haircut in the middle of the morning? Why?...Why not?

Reason #2

Work from Home, Aunt's house, Starbucks or pretty much anywhere.

Reason #3

Work with people that care about you. Because there's life after 5pm.

Reason #4

Personal development, encouraging people to continue learning and become even greater in what they do.

Reason #5

Pushing the envelop in every project, always challenging what's possible and what we can do as a team.

Bonus reason

Free Spotify Premium!