Summary of the 4th Drupal 8 Contribute in Costa Rica

Submitted by enzo on Fri, 05/11/2012 - 15:23

Last night the Costa Rican Drupal community once again attended one of our monthly events in its 4th edition, the activity is called Drupal 8 Contribute.

The goal of this event is to contribute in order to speed up the release of Drupal 8 and of course encourage Drupal Themers & Developers to learn more about the new release.

We were glad to see some new faces as-well as people that already attended other events.

Here's what we attacked this time: UX & Logical issues.

List of attendees:

List of issues reviewed:

Stuff to-do for the next Drupal 8 contribute:

  • Prepare a list of issues to work on.

Thanks to all attendees and we expect to see you again.