When the client came to us for advise about ideas they had regarding rebuilding Guitar.com we didn't hesitate to take the challenge is start working with them in order to find out the best ways to make the complex project a reality.

Languagevine.com is a website dedicated to learning different languages with a twist. Anexusit had a mission, create a website to make users stay and decide to pay in order to access even more content.

Languagevine was a great project that presented challenges and features such as multi language, media content such as videos, sound and pictures as well as interactive games to lead the user to gain credit point while learning the language of their preference.

With so much to learn about Drupal CMS, creating and leveraging effective training content and materials can save hours of repetitive research, that is why AnexusIT has created a proven way of teaching Drupal for Developers and Designers. In this case it was CodeMyConcept who requested our company to give a full Drupal Theming Training to 6 of their employees.

Bridal Guide is a magazine for wedding lovers; a great resource for those doing research on wedding planning. It features articles ranging from wedding planning tools, fashion and beauty, to honeymoons, etiquette and fitness. The online version of the magazine has great media content such as video and photo galleries to further illustrate trends and such.

The ABC Twiggles website offers a research-based curriculum with an engaging blend of technology, literature, and instructional teacher support.